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貸借対照表 -Balance Sheet-

資産の部 - Assets -
流動資産 - Current assets -
現金 cash
当座預金 current deposits
普通預金 ordinary deposits
受取手形 notes receivable
売掛金 accounts receivable
有価証券 securities
棚卸資産 inventories
固定資産 - Fixed assets -

有形固定資産 - Property, plant, and equipment -

建物 buildings
構築物 structures
機械及び装置 machinery and equipment
車両運搬具 motor vehicles
器具及び備品 tool,furniture and fixtures
土地 land
建設仮勘定 construction in progress

無形固定資産 - Intangible assets -

借地権 leasehold
ソフトウェア software
その他 others

投資その他の資産 -Investments and other assets -

投資有価証券 investment securities
関係会社株式 investments in affiliated companies
長期貸付金 long-term loans
長期前払費用 long-term prepaid expenses
負債の部 - Liabilities -
流動負債 - Current liabilities -
買掛金 accounts payable
支払手形 note payable
未払費用 accrued expenses
未払法人税等 accrued income taxes
短期借入金 short-term bank loans
貸倒引当金 allowance for bad debt expenses
固定負債 - Long-term liabilities -
長期借入金 long-term bank loans
社債 bonds
純資産の部 - Shareholder's Equity -
株主資本 - Shareholder's Equity -
資本金 common stock
資本剰余金 additional paid-in capital
利益剰余金 retained earnings
自己株式 treasury stock
- Valuation/Translation Adjustments -
その他有価証券評価差額金 unrealized holding gain/ or loss on securities
新株予約権 - Stock warrants -

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