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キャッシュフロー計算書 - Cash flow Statement -

I. 営業活動によるキャッシュフロー
- Cash flows from operating activities -
税金等調整前当期純利益 Income before income taxes and minority interests
減価償却費 Depreciation and amortization
減損損失 Impairment losses
貸倒引当金の増加額 Increase in allowance for doubtful accounts
売上債権の増加額 Increase in notes and accounts receivable
棚卸資産の増加額 Increase in inventories
仕入債務の増加額 Increase in notes and accounts payable
利息及び配当金の受取額 Interest and dividends received
利息の支払額 Interest paid
法人税の支払額 Corporate taxes paid
II. 投資活動によるキャッシュフロー
- Cash flows from investing activities -
有価証券の取得による支出 Purchases of securities
有価証券の売却による収入 Proceeds from sales of securities
有形固定資産の取得による支出 Purchases of property, plant and equipment
有形固定資産の売却による収入 Proceeds from sales of property, plant and equipment
リース車両の取得による支出 Purchases of leased vehicles
III. 財務活動によるキャッシュフロー
- Cash flows from financing activities -
短期借入金の純増加額 Net increase in short-term borrowings
長期借入金の増加額 Increase in long-term borrowings
社債の増加額 Increase in bonds
社債の償還 Redemption of bonds
自己株式の取得による支出 Purchase of treasury stock
自己株式の売却による収入 Proceeds from sales of treasury stock
配当金の支払額 Cash dividends paid
少数株主への配当金の支払額 Cash dividends paid to minority shareholders

IV. 現金及び現金同等物に係る換算差額 Effects of exchange rate changes on cash and cash equivalents
V. 現金及び現金同等物の増加額 Increase in cash and cash equivalents
VI. 現金及び現金同等物の期首残高  Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of the year
VII. 新規連結に伴う現金及び現金同等物の増加額 Increase in cash and case equivalents due to inclusion in consolidation
VIII. 現金及び現金同等物の期末残高 Cash and cash equivalents at end of the year

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